Wendy Is Dead HTML version

for the weekend so that their daughter could have a break and spend some
time with her old school friends.
The family had lived opposite for about six years and Eleanor had met
Wendy's husband Keith Timmings soon after they moved in. He seemed a
friendly, pleasant, likeable young man and she was so sad that they broke up.
She never knew exactly why but Wendy always changed the subject
whenever it was mentioned. Anyway it was none of her business. You never
knew what went on inside a marriage.
Eventually Eleanor managed to get a few hours sleep and at 9.0 a.m.
was enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of hot buttered toast when she heard
another commotion in the street. This time it wasn't raised voices disturbing
the peace but the loud scream of police sirens. Hurrying to the door Eleanor
saw two police panda cars outside of Wendy's house. One young officer was
outside using his walkie talkie. A few yards away Wendy's mother had parked
her car.
"Oh God, what's happened now. I pray it's nothing terrible and that Wendy
isn't hurt ," Eleanor said out loud.
Chapter 2
A call came in to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Bristol at
8.50 on Friday morning, from local police informing them that the body of a
young woman had been found in the Bedminster area of the city. There were
three children at the premises and the young woman's mother who had
discovered the tragedy when she arrived to take the children to her home for
the weekend.
Detective Leslie Marshfield gathered together his team of detectives and
informed them to be prepared for any weekend leave to be cancelled as a
possible new murder had happened on their patch last night.
He said, "It's up to you team to do your best to wrap this up as quickly as
possible. Cut no corners, do everything by the book and let's do our best to
find out exactly what happened. A young mother has been found dead and we
owe it to her and her family to discover how and why."
Looking quickly around the earnest faces in front of him, the D.I. thought
how lucky he was to have such dedicated and excellent officers in his team.
Nothing was too much trouble for them and if anyone could solve this new
case, they would.
"Jane you come with me and Brian and Tim visit the neighbours in the
Find out if they saw or heard anything. Report back here at 4.0 0.m. when we
will share any discoveries with the rest of the team."
"Will do boss," replied D.C. Brian Sloman and D.C. Tim Hansford , almost
in unison.
"Cut out this 'boss' business you two. You sound like a couple of parrots,"
chuckled the D.I.
"O.K. Get going everyone. Let's get to the bottom of this," he added.
Chapter 3