Wendy Is Dead HTML version

Chapter 1
Eleanor Sefton woke with a start wondering what was happening outside.
She could hear loud voices somewhere near in the street. Getting out of bed
she pulled one of the curtains back a couple of inches and peered out. The
noise was coming from Wendy's house opposite. She heard the children
crying and someone arguing with Wendy. She wondered who was visiting at
two o'clock in the morning. Whoever it was they had left the front door wide
open. It was probably that ex husband of hers as he had taken the divorce
badly and had said at the time that Wendy had lied. According to him if she
had told the truth they would not have been granted a divorce.
She wondered if she should go across but was worried in case they
thought her just a nosy busybody. After a few minutes things quietened down
and Eleanor decided to make a hot drink which would help her get back to
sleep again. She felt so alone at times like this. She was concerned for
Wendy and as there was no one with whom she could discuss her worries
since her husband Douglas had died, everything seemed so much worse than
it probably was.
Wendy was divorced and it was difficult for her bringing up three children
on her own. Occasionally Eleanor would baby sit while their mother had a
night out with friends. She was an attractive young woman and Eleanor hoped
that one day she would find someone to love and take care of her and the
children. Wendy's parents were good and sometimes took the children home