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Congratulations for chosen to add a new member to your family.
The new dog is certainly going to be an integral part of the family and you the
owners, have a responsibility to worry about his health and welfare.
For many of you this is the first puppy you raise and many questions may arise
about the handling of infant growth. We decided to bring you some initial
information and advice and tips that can help the process of growth - sometimes
seems hard - but certainly full of fun and enjoyment.
The Delivery
Most puppy delivered to you, from the eighth week (as from 49th day ) to his life.
This period is critical for puppy, The puppy is sensitive to changes and trauma.
Until know the puppy was staying with his brothers and his mother and was
suddenly taken away from his familiar environment (social and physical
environment). Probably he was handed over to a new loving family, but at this
stage still unknown to him completely. This is certainly a traumatic event to him
since the transition period is critical as it is to live, the experience can be very
unpleasant for him. We must be aware and try to facilitate as much as possible
the pain of separation of the puppy. The puppy was used to be all the time with
his brothers and his mother . You should give him the feeling he is still in
society: to be with him, pet him, play with him but at the same time allow
enough rest time for many hours a day, the puppy is still needed to sleep. In
short: Give him the space , do not disturb him! When he wakes up, pee right out
(see article "education needs") and then try to be with him. You have to
remember going to live will have to spend hours alone (When my family at work
or school) and therefore should gradually accustom him to stay alone.
Especially in the early days the puppy may just cry (strong howling), especially
at night. At night, you should make him a folded blanket and lay it at the foot of
the bed. When the Puppy begin to feel lonely, just reach out and pat it; that he
would feel that someone next to him and calm him.
Families with children: We repeatedly emphasize the need of the infant at rest
and sleep. Please make sure the children's enthusiasm for the new guys that will
not mess with him all the time and the rest will live.
A tried puppy is compromised physical and mental development because of lack
of rest!
After a period of adjustment to new family new house, your puppy will show you
the band and begin to establish his social standing in the band. The adjustment
period is important to live and we are sure you will do everything to make him
the crisis of separation.
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