Website Promotion Blueprint HTML version

Step 1: Keyword Research
Finding good keywords is key to getting some traction in the serps.
Initially, you want to have about 30 – 50 keywords for each site you
plan to build out . If you have more then all the better!
But not just any keywords will do, these need to be ones that bring
in a fair amount of traffic and that you have a chance of ranking for.
How do you find these?
Well, it’s really a 2 step process. First find the keyword, then analyze
how competitive it is.
To find the keyword, you can head on over to Google Keyword Tool
and search for your main keyword phrase. Make sure that you select
“Exact” under the “match type” heading.
You want to pay attention to the “Global Monthly Search” column and
choose keywords that have more than 1600 searches – even 1600 is
really low and if you cannot secure the #1 spot for that term then
you might not get a lot of traffic, so plan accordingly.
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