Web Page Design in 7 Days HTML version

- If you want to design dynamic web pages in future you will need to know html codes.
- If you will need forms in your pages to send information to server and return result pages back
to browser you will need to know html codes.
- There are other reasons that dictate us to learn html coding and not satisfy with these tools.
1-3 Tools you will need
You will need a simple text editor to write html codes. For example you can use notepad in
windows or any text editor in other operating systems. You will also need a browser like Internet
explorer or Netscape Navigator. In this course we will assume that you are working in windows
1-4 Start Here
Now open notepad and type the following code.
Hello world!
Now save the text as "page11.html" To browse html file open windows explorer and double click
on the file. You must see your first web page opened in your web browser. Note: If you have any
question about lessons. You can ask them in our support forums. Visit our website and click on
<HTML> and </HTML> are called tags. First one is a start tag and second is an end tag. Tags are
something like commands in programming languages. <HTML> tag tells the browser that this is
start of the HTML and </HTML> marks its end.
<HTML> </HTML> mark start and end o a html page.
1-5 HTML code headers
Every html page must have a header. Header contains important information about the page.
Different tags are used for different sections of a header. Header of an html page is specified by
<HEAD> and </HEAD> tags.
We will enter header information between <HEAD> </HEAD> tags.
1-6 Title
One of the most important parts of a header is title. Title is the small text that will appear in title
bar of viewer's browser. So html document will be as below.