Web Design in 7 Days Tutorial HTML version

Web page design course
Lesson 2
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2-1 Text Formatting
Until now we have learned to insert simple text into our web pages. In this lesson we will learn
text formatting
techniques. This part of html writing skills is the most important part of our whole web design
course. So you must learn it word by word.
2-2 Changing text style
We can make a text bold, italic or underlined. If you want to make a text bold, you must inclose it
in <B>...</B> tags.
This is very <B> important </B>
In above text the word "important" is typed bold. You can make a text italic by inclosing it in
<I>...</I> tags.
And finally you can make some text underlined by inclosing it in <U>...</U> tags.
<TITLE>Example 1, Lesson 2</TITLE>