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You're probably aware that there are many different methods and opinions on Internet marketing. The advantage to having different avenues is that you can choose which methods are best suited for your business. The problem is that it's difficult to elegantly mesh the best marketing schemes together to make a great marketing campaign!

In this e-book, we'll be examining many of the aspects of Internet marketing available today. To understand the concepts presented, you should have a basic understanding of Web page creation and researching on the Internet. You can find out more in Web Site Development: A-to-Z for the Beginner.

The premise of this e-book is to answer that question! The pages of this e-book will provide you with information based on actual experiences. This information provides an overview of some unique tactics for Internet marketing as well as how these tactics work together to create an Internet marketing plan.

This first few chapters provide a basic overview of marketing on the Internet. Pay attention to the topics presented since they will be the foundation for the remainder of the e-book. Once we get past the basics, the following chapters cover Web site marketing and some of the important elements that make a Web site marketable and visible to the global community!