Watergate Amendment Vol 2 HTML version

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Chapter 4
Jude was enjoying his new lifestyle. Although he didn’t
think of himself as being pretentious, he liked to impress
people who had known him in what he sometimes called his “white
sock” days in college and before. Supposedly, his brokerage
concern had connections to a large British investment firm.
Allegedly he monitored the market and noted promising
developments before they became public knowledge. And,
surprisingly enough, tips did come his way - cryptic phone
messages and unsigned mail. The latter generally delivered by
courier. These tips he dutifully relayed to the London office
and what happened to them thereafter he neither knew nor cared.
He never was particularly interested in corporate espionage. He
did purchase notable shares of 144 stocks in various companies.
This would give him a noticeable paper trail...useful to
demonstrate a flow of income, and in keeping clean with the
Security & Exchange Commission. For outward appearance, all he
had to do was manage the New York office and collect gigantic
His image was footloose and fancy-free. Everything seemed
to be going well with nobody visibly looking over his shoulder.
His decisions were his alone, and he had a large bank account