Watergate Amendment Vol 1 HTML version

President Nixon sat staring fixedly into the camera. He
knew what he was about to say, but could not comprehend how it
all came about. The technician finished a whispered countdown,
“Four, three, two, one,” and pointed his finger at the camera.
“Good evening, my fellow Americans. I am addressing you from the
Oval Office. On thirty-seven other occasions, I’ve spoken to
you from this office, where so many decisions have been made
that shaped the history of this nation. Tonight, I wish to
discuss another situation that will have an effect on our
nation, and me as president. I shall resign from the office of
the presidency effective noon tomorrow….”
He mustered all the strength and discipline he could as he
labored on through the prepared phrases, remembering not to
display clenched fists or his forced smiles. His real thoughts
were on how this all happened. On his last election, he carried
forty-nine out of fifty states. How could everyone turn against
him? How could he be brought to such a humiliating end of his
public life?
He’d never find out.