Walking With Jesus Through the Gospel of Luke HTML version

Day 1
Reading: Luke Chapter 1:1-45
In the beginning of Luke we hear that he set forth to make an accurate
account of Jesus from eyewitnesses. Luke possibly traveled with the Apostle Paul
from town to town, hearing from witness to witness.
Maybe he listened to a man named Peter at an evening fire, as the aging
apostle shared the anguish of his memory from another evening fire, and the
faithless words he spoke there.
Maybe he talked to Mary the mother of Jesus, as the children sat at her feet
listening to her tell stories of her son, and his journey to the cross.
James the brother of Jesus could have shared his early disbelief, and the
events that unraveled before his eyes; events that would ultimately have their place
in his thoughts and heart.
John the Apostle in Jerusalem may have talked of his love for Jesus. He may
have shared stories about how he used to rest his head on Jesus’ chest. John
experienced this Love early on and if effected his entire life.
Is there any doubt that this was an unveiling journey for Luke as he walked
with Jesus through the stories of the many witnesses he interviewed? Each piece
knit together to reveal the wonderful way of Jesus experienced by the lives of so
many. How could Luke not be changed by these encounters and the miraculous
unraveling of these wonderful tales?
These beginning verses show one thing. This is a miraculous story. So far it
is a story where the old and young alike encountered a new birth. It is a story that
brings the hopes and faith, of young and old alike, to new depths and new heights.
It is a story of angelic messengers bringing great news. It is news that is hard to
grasp for some, and news that is easily accepted by others. Ultimately it is news
that God is doing something new in the world. It is something new, but something
that was planned and woven together in the very fabric of time. It is the true
perception of reality.
As you begin this journey what are some of things you are hoping to
encounter as you walk with Jesus in the Gospel of Luke? Is it a new and
miraculous birth, a new hope and faith, or an angelic message proclaiming that
God is doing something new in your life? Are you looking for something God had
planned and woven together into the fabric of time just for you? Maybe you don’t
know, or haven’t really thought about it. Stop to think as you record some
expectations. At the end of this thirty day devotional you will be asked to return
here. See then, if God met your expectations, or if God gave you what you really