Wahm - It! - The Master Course - Book 1 HTML version

By the way, please don’t feel neglected if you’re a work-at-home dad. We’ve
directed our thoughts to moms – well, because we’re moms, and that’s what
came naturally. But we’re sure that many dads who are also doing the main
child-caring would also love to start their own Web businesses, so please join us.
This is for you, too.
To make it easy, we’ve broken your WAHM download into three separate
WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course – all the how-to information you need to
successfully build a real business on the Net.
Get Organized to Work at Home – tips on managing your household and
family successfully while you work.
Case Studies – inspiring stories of real-life SBI! WAHMs and their
Finding Your Way Through WAHM-IT!
In Part 1, in Steps 1 and 2, we discuss the pros and cons of some of the
approaches to “work outside the home” that you’ve probably looked at as a
mom. We then consider some of the more common ways of earning income at
home, both online and offline, which you may have considered, and see how
they compare with what we’re doing.
In Step 3, we give an overview of building a content-rich website and show
you why it’s such a good option for you as a WAHM. We demonstrate, in
detail, how a website can give you the flexibility and income you want, while at
the same time providing you with a creative and satisfying ongoing enterprise
that lets you reach beyond being “just Mom”.
Step 4 is the nitty-gritty section. This is where we explain how the Site Build It!
system of website-building functions. It’s broken down into four easy stages, and
we talk you through each one to give you a thorough understanding of the
In Part 2 – we love Part 2 - you’ll find three of our favorite Case Studies, stories
of real moms like you, who are building profitable websites today and making a
great success of it. They tell you, in their own words, how their sites are working
for them, how much time they put in, how much money they make and their plans
for the future. (And if that whets your appetite, remember there are lots more
inspiring case studies in the separate book included with this download.)