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balancing act with daily challenges.
I’ve always been a pretty organized person so I tend to write lists of things I need to do
and prioritize them. I also keep a dry erase calendar on the fridge with family activities,
so we all know what we have to do and when. Pretty basic stuff, but it works for me.
While driving in the car or waiting in the doctor’s office, instead of listening to music or
reading, I brainstorm about what I’d like to do next on the site.
This is the first year that all three of my children are in school for a full day, so I use that
time to work on my website. That way, I can concentrate on helping them with their
homework or other issues when they come home.
Do you have more pearls of wisdom to share with other mothers?
Six months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout my treatment, I have
continued to build my website with even more intensity. At times, I was ill from
chemotherapy and spent hours writing pages to distract me from the nausea.
It was a lifesaver in a way because it kept me focused on a constructive goal, instead of
on my illness. In the process, Kids Party Paradise became a work of the heart of which I
am truly proud. I am still undergoing radiation therapy and looking forward to a long life
with my family.
As you can imagine, this experience has made me so thankful that I didn’t wait to grab
onto my dream! If you have an idea which excites you, chances are there are many
others out there who are excited by it too. Don’t let naysayers discourage your dream!
Be passionate about your topic, and be willing to put in significant hours (at least in the
first year) to make it happen. You must believe that no one and nothing will get in your
way of becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur!
When you get stuck, make use of the SBI! forums. Tap into this great community of web
enthusiasts, just waiting to assist you. I have been the beneficiary of their goodwill and
considerable knowledge on many occasions! Give back when you are able and
perpetuate the powerful dynamic of “paying it forward” which makes the SBI! forums
such a great resource.
I wish all who read this may have as much fun and satisfaction as I have had in building
my website.
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CJ is an American mom with two young children, ages six and four. Her website’s focus