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Case Study #1
Kids Inspire Mom’s Website Ideas
Patricia Jensen lives in the USA and is mom to three children. Her family has been her
inspiration since she first started out on the Internet. Recently, while coping with a
serious illness, Patti has found peace and comfort in the creation of her website.
Tell us about your website, Patti.
(I’ve owned) www.kids-party-paradise.com since February 14, 2004 - almost 2 years.
What kind of education and work experience did you have before building your
I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Providence College.
My computer-related experience has been learned on the job, by doing. I’ve taken a
computer course here or there, but I am mostly self-taught.
My early work experience included several years as a professional in the travel industry,
both in marketing tours to the public and as a tour escort to various destinations in the
United States and Canada.
More recently, I have been an Administrative Assistant to various high-level business
executives and have also worked in a hospital setting as an Admin Assistant to an
internationally renowned oncologist (cancer doctor).
In between my regular 9 to 5 jobs, I found time to indulge my love of writing as a
freelancer for various newspapers and magazines.
When my second child, Tyler, was born (9 years ago), my husband and I decided that it
was important for our children to have a full-time mother. I have been a stay-at-home
mom ever since.
Tyler was born with clubfoot, a severe defect affecting both his feet. He would require
casting from birth and then corrective surgeries at 5 months of age, then more casts. It
is a grueling process for both parent and child. We had no family history of clubfoot, and
no one who understood what we were going through. To cope better, I learned as much
as I could about clubfoot.
When Tyler was two years old, I found an Internet forum for parents of children with
clubfoot. It was a wonderful healing experience to speak with other Moms who had
been through a similar medical challenge with their children.
To give back to others, I decided to create a website to provide free information,
resources, and support to parents of children born with clubfoot. On February 2, 2000,