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could relate to. It’s funny, I started my credit site because I saw how much money could
be made on credit cards, but as the site evolved, I found myself again in the position of
helping people, only this time it was helping people understand the basics of credit.
When you focus your website on helping others, you truly are a winner. The money is
just secondary.
Tracy, how do you “do it all”?
When I first started out, I had to save working on my website until after the kids went to
bed or on weekends. The thing is, it never really seemed like work to me. It was fun
and challenging at the same time, with me often finding it hard to tear myself away from
the computer. As the kids got older, I was able to spend more time on it during the early
evening. Once I quit my job, I was able to work on it during the school hours. I take
small breaks from the computer to do laundry, clean, walk the dogs, etc.
I could probably cut down on the number of hours that I spend developing my websites,
but I don’t want to. It excites me and gives me a broader purpose. I am more than just a
wife and mother. My oldest son has even bragged that his mom owns and develops
websites (this is really big considering that he is a teenager). I’m lucky that my kids and
new husband support me, and that I have found something that is so fulfilling.
Case Study #8
Salon Owner Becomes Internet Success Story
Michelle Schill comes from Alberta, Canada, and turned her skills as a hairdresser into a
profitable website.
Michelle, tell us about your websites.
I’ve been with SBI! since August 2004 and have two websites: www.style-hair-
What kind of education and work experience did you have before building your
Most recently, I’ve operated a salon in my home, working in the evenings when my
husband was home to look after the kids. Before that, 5 years working in salons,
beginning with an hourly wage, then commission, then chair rental, which required me to
“start a business.”
Before hair school, I worked in insurance claims, reception, clerical and administrative
What was your motivation for starting an online business?