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Case Study # 7
Teaching What You Know = Success
Tracy Achen from New Mexico, USA, found such success with one website, she decided
to build more.
Tracy, tell us about your websites.
I’ve been with SBI! since 2001. I have three websites: www.womansdivorce.com,
What kind of education and work experience did you have before building your
As I look back over my work history, I’ve spent about 15 years of my life cleaning
something. I’ve cleaned out animal stalls, new-construction homes, occupied houses,
and washed cars (about 1500 per week). During my separation and divorce, I decided
that it was about time to do something that wasn’t dependent on the weather and paid a
regular paycheck, so I started working as a magazine merchandiser. I like the flexibility
of my work, but the pay left a lot to be desired. I was making about $700 a month and
trying to support my family.
Struggling to pay the bills is what got me to thinking about earning some extra income,
which eventually lead me to where I am now. I started my website while I was still
working. This way, if it flopped, I still had my job. I continue to build it along the way,
eventually adding two more websites. I had a work injury in 2003 and had to eventually
quit my job in 2004. Even though it was scary letting go of the security of a paycheck, it
was the best decision that I ever made. I’ve been able to devote my time and attention
to my websites, and the effort is paying off.
What was your motivation for starting an online business?
After my divorce, I was financially strapped and looking for some extra income. I had
gotten interested in a MLM venture, but was disappointed that I would have to pay
outrageous fees for a website that I had not control over. This began my journey for
information about starting my own website which I could have total control over it.
How did you come up with your idea for a website?
After reading the action guide (which tells you to focus on something that you are
passionate about) I chose to focus on the subject of divorce from a woman's
perspective. After being emotionally and financially devastated by my divorce, this was
something that I was definitely passionate about. I wanted to help other women prepare
for and understand the divorce process so that they could avoid some of the mistakes