WAHM-IT Course HTML version

I think a lot of people are like me, and start out building long pages, which take forever to
complete. This leads to a lot of frustration, because your site grows very slowly. My
advice is to start out building short pages. If a topic is worthy of at least 125 words,
make a separate web page for it, even if the keywords are low demand. Your site will
grow more quickly, your visitors can find information more easily, and you’ll be happier
and less frustrated. There’s a real psychological boost when you can quickly create a lot
of pages.
Case Study #6
Business Keeps Building Despite Moves Abroad
British mum to three, Nicole Tod discovered that creating her own website was the right
solution for her family’s nomadic lifestyle. Currently living in Vietnam, the Tods have
also enjoyed stints in Thailand, Mali and Ghana.
Nicole, tell us about your website.
I started www.kids-partycabin.com two years ago.
What kind of education and work experience did you have before building your
I finished full time school education at 18 years of age. This was followed by 3 years
basic nurse training, 1 year pediatric nurse training, 18 months health visitor training
then just for something different I did 2 correspondence courses in interior design and
setting up a home based business and then a 2 year diploma in French.
I am British and started my career as a nurse which was something I had wanted to do
since I was about 5 years old. I can still vividly remember regularly setting up my toy
ironing board with all my plastic tools and giving my parents ‘foot care’! Consequently I
went on to train as a nurse which led to school nursing then pediatric nursing and finally I
became a Health Visitor.
After 10 years of nursing I was ready for a different challenge and so off I went to work in
a refugee camp in Sudan. That was one of the most challenging and rewarding things
that I have ever done and the kindness and gratitude of all the people that I worked with
will stay with me forever. Another great thing to come out of my stay in Sudan was that I
met my husband Bill. He too was working with the same organization (“Save the
Children”). One thing led to another and hey presto, here we are happily married and
with three great kids.
Moving on several years...
Bill is still working with “Save the Children” and we have been working and living
overseas now for thirteen years - Togo, Ghana, Mali, Vietnam and latest stop is