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Make a to-do list for each day. Group similar or like tasks together in days or blocks of
time. For example, do all your phone calls together, same with any filing/record keeping,
link building, content research, writing, and so forth. Grouping similar tasks together is
just more efficient than skipping back and forth between different types of tasks. Your
time management will be much more efficient.
Be sure to acknowledge your own achievements. It’s a good idea to write down what
you have accomplished on any given day. When working outside the home, we have
outside influences that acknowledge our accomplishments and successes. A raise in
pay or a pat on the back from a co-worker or supervisor acknowledge our achievements.
When you work at home, I think it’s important to acknowledge your own successes and
accomplishments, no matter how small. If you completed the intended tasks for the day,
that is truly worth patting yourself on the back. Staying focused is sometimes difficult
when multi-tasking. Some of us are better at it than others. But, moms are the definition
of ingenuity. We usually do find a way to “do it all.”
Case Study # 4
Christian Mom Shares Inspiration with World
Linda Wakefield Kelley lives in Ohio, USA, with her husband and three children. After
home-schooling for years, Linda decided to share her knowledge with the world, by
writing books and starting her own website.
Tell us about your website, Linda.
(I’ve owned) www.christian-parenting-source.com since August 2004.
What kind of education and work experience did you have before building your
I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration - majoring in Hotel
Restaurant Management from the beautiful University of Hawaii. Years later, after I
married and wanted a job where I wouldn’t have to travel as much, I went back to school
and earned my Master’s Degree in Education.
What was your motivation for starting an online business?
I’m a freelance writer and I have several book proposals I’m currently circulating to book
publishers. However, I haven’t been very successful with this pursuit because
publishers want authors who have a platform (a way to reach an established audience).
I thought it would help my writing career tremendously to have a website. Since there
are LOTS of writing websites, I decided to create a site around the themes I write most
about - homeschooling and parenting.