Viral Video Cash - No Investment HTML version

Chapter 2: What do I need before I can
get started with The Video Sense?
Before we can jump right in to earning cash through
videos, there are a few things we need to get out
of the way. They are a Google Adsense account, a
Google Video account, a YouTube account, a TVS
account and a TVS Forum account. We’ll be providing
detailed instructions for each below. If you have
any of these already, please skip that section, as
you only need one account at each place.
Creating a Google Adsense account.
Ok, so let’s start with getting you an Adsense
account. This is the toughest one out of all of
them to get. It will take about a week, with daily
homework thrown in.
Step 1: Start your own blog at Blogger. Just follow
the 3 easy steps they give you.
Step 2: You will need to write a blog entry once a
day for the next week. What you write about is your
choice. It can be about a recent trip you took,
your daily life or just something interesting you
heard that day.
Step 3: After you’ve posted for about a week, visit
this link and follow the instructions on that page
to register for your account.
Step 4: Register for a new account. When asked for
a website address, use your Blogger page. The
format is
Step 5: Wait for your approval. This usually takes
a day or two.