Viral Video Cash - No Investment HTML version

Chapter 11: How to market your own
version of this book.
You may or may not know that you can give you’re
your own copy of this e-book. What this allows you
to do is get people to sign up under you. If you
remember from Chapter 1, this will get your Adsense
id displayed 10% of the time on their videos.
Marketing this kind of e-book is a touch topic.
Primarily, because the e-book is for free. You can
try to sell it, but since many will just give it
away, you may end up irritating those that did buy
from you.
If you already happen to have a client base built
up, you can contact them. I would only do this
though, if this relates to them in some way. Also,
I would never advocate spamming people; this is not
what I’m talking about!
If you’re a member of a forum, you can place a
short intro and link to the book in your signature.
Something like: “Click here for the easiest way to
make money from home.” and make that the link. Most
forum systems have this signature option, just find
the Edit Profile or My Profile link.
As I mentioned in Chapter 8, putting something in
your MySpace profile, if you have one, is also an
excellent way to go. There’s a program called
Badder Adder that will allow you to add tons of
friends, if you’re just starting out with MySpace.
Those are just a couple of examples of what you can
do to get people to sign up under you for free. Be
inventive and you can probably think up new ways to
attract people to sign up under you.