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Chapter 9: Using the TVS RSS Feeds
A recent addition to the TVS system has been their
incorporation of RSS feeds. What these RSS Feeds
will allow you to do is place your video
descriptions, along with a screen capture, on any
site that you want. You can use this in conjunction
with other software to increase the number of links
to your videos. The more links to your videos, the
better they will rank in the search engines.
Another benefit is that other people can also use
these RSS feeds on their sites. They have the
choice of using the feed from your account, the
category feeds or the site wide feeds.
Alright, so now that we have a brief overview of
the benefits and what the RSS feeds are, let’s look
at how to use them.
First, I’m going to start off with a commercial
script called RSS2Blog that will allow you to
publish these feeds to your Blogger blogs. RSS2Blog
can also be used to publish other content as well,
not only to Blogger but to other blogging platforms
that you may use such as WordPress or TypePad. I’m
not going to go into the specifics on how to setup
the entire RSS2Blog project but I will touch on the
important parts. Make sure that under “Body Content
of Blog Post” that you choose “Post News Items from
RSS Feeds.” Then in the “Keyword” field fill in
keyword related to your site, or if you want all
videos; a single vowel like ‘a’ will do. Select how
you want the links to be displayed, how many rss
feed items you want published, and finally how you
want the rss feed items to be used. Then, in the
RSS Feed listing box you want to enter in the URLs
to the feeds you want to use. TVS provides the
following formats:
1. Latest 50 videos: