Viral Video Cash - No Investment HTML version

Chapter 8: How to promote your videos.
This chapter is going to go into some pretty
advanced stuff. What we’re going to talk about are
ways to promote your videos. Promoting your videos,
will increase their exposure and should increase
your earnings.
The first method involves leaving comments on other
people’s blogs. What you generally want to do, is
to find a blog that relates to the topic of your
video. Then read over the latest post, or if it’s a
single post relating to your topic, read that post.
At the bottom of each post there’s usually a place
to leave a comment. You want to leave a relevant
comment on the post and find a way to relate the
post to your video. Once you’ve found a way to
relate the two, you want to make sure to leave a
link to the video, so that others can click through
to watch it. Do this for as many blogs as you can
find that relate to the video. The more recent the
post, the better it will be for having active
traffic to follow your links.
Here are a few queries that you can run in Google
to find blogs relating to your video. Replace
KEYWORD with the topic of your video. If there’s
any spaces in the keyword be sure to replaces those
with a + sign.