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Chapter 10: Using rare but popular topics to increase your earnings.

The idea behind this chapter is to introduce you to a program that will aid you with finding topics that you wouldn’t normally think of. These topics are special because these are topics that lots of people are looking for, but not a lot of information is available. Once these topics have been identified, you can either locate videos or make your own. Once those videos are found/made you can then submit them to Google Video or YouTube. Make sure that your Title and Description mentions the topic, this will ensure that your pages rank better for the topic in the search engines.

The program that I’m talking about is Brainstorm Generator. It’s a very simple and straightforward program that just about anyone can use immediately. It even comes preloaded with “Pete’s” settings, so that you can begin finding the best topics immediately. The entire process of finding the topics is completely hands free once you tell the program to go.

Just a quick overview of the kinds of parameters we’re talking about for these rare topics. What we’re looking for is a topic that has relatively few results in the search engines. For example, type in Google: Lasik Eye Surgery in New York. You’ll see that it only has 1.6 million results. This is considered relatively low in comparison to: auto loan, which has 19.8 million results in Google. Next if we look at how many people are searching for this term at Overture’s Keyword Research Tool you’ll see that 658 searches were done last month. I wouldn’t recommend pursuing anything with less than 500 searches per month. Next, we want to look at approximately how much each click to your Adsense ad will be worth. Please keep in mind these numbers are far greater than what you will actually receive per click. If you go to Overture’s Bid Tool and enter Lasik Eye Surgery you’ll see the top bid is $3.55 per click. The higher this number is the better. Even though you won’t get paid that amount per click you’ll still get a decent percentage of that. Just in case you’re wondering, here’s the video that I got this example from. This person is also a current member, practicing what you’re being taught in this e-book.

Now, you can do everything that Brainstorm Generator does for you manually, but as you might expect this can get extremely time consuming. On top of that, you have to think of each topic yourself. This is where the beauty of Brainstorm Generator lies. Not only can it find topics for you, but it will also check the number of search results, how many searches per month, and retrieve the bid amounts for you!

To read more on Brainstorm Generator please visit the homepage. You can even download a trial version to see how it works before you buy!