Viral Video Cash - No Investment HTML version

Chapter 6: Adding your videos to your
TVS account.
Adding videos to your TVS account will be much
faster and easier than it was for either Google
Video or YouTube.
Step 2: Click the Submit Video link in the upper
right hand corner.
Step 3: Enter the title for the video. Using a
descriptive title is a must, much like you did for
your submission to Google or YouTube.
Step 4: Paste the HTML code obtained in Chapter 4
or 5 into the “Video Embed Code” box.
Step 5: Pick a category for your video to go in to.
Step 6: Enter a list of keywords for the video
separated by commas into the “Tags” field.
Step 7: Enter a description of the video in the
“Description” box. Remember to describe the video
in detail. This content will be what’s used to get
Search Engine traffic to your videos.
Step 8: Click Submit
Repeat steps 2 – 8 for each video that you need to
That’s all there was to added the videos to your
account at TVS. It would beneficial to have two
browser windows open for this. Have the first one
at Google Video or YouTube so that you can copy