Viral Video Cash - No Investment HTML version

Chapter 5: Uploading your clip to
This section is much like the last chapter where I
take you through the steps of uploading your video
to YouTube. It’s important to note that you only
need to upload the video to either Google Video OR
YouTube. Uploading to both is not necessary.
Step 1: Go to and login to
your account.
Step 2: Click the “My Videos” link that is just
below the Videos tab.
Step 3: Click the Upload Video button, located on
the left hand side.
Step 4: Fill out the form fields, in the same
manner as given for Google Video. Once again see
Appendix A for examples.
Step 5: Click Continue
Step 6: Click the Browse button and select the
desired video.
Step 7: Click Upload Video, this process can’t take
a while, depending upon your internet connection.
Step 8: Once the upload is done you’ll be given the
details of the video. Verify all of the details.
Step 9: At the bottom of the form you will find a
box with HTML code in it. This is the code you will
need for Chapter 6.
Step 10: Click the Update Video Info button.