Viral Video Cash - No Investment HTML version

Chapter 4: Uploading your clip to
Google Video
In this section, I’m going to take you through
uploading a video to Google Video using steps. This
will be the most complicated part of the whole
Step 1: Login to your account at
Step 2: Click “Uploaded Videos” in the upper right
hand corner.
Step 3: Click “Upload Video” in the dark purple bar
just underneath the Reports Tab.
Step 4: Click “Learn More” under 2. Desktop
Step 5: Click the Install button for your operating
Step 6: Click the Run button, when prompted. You
may need to click Run a couple of times, before
getting to the install screen.
Step 7: Follow the install instructions to install
the Video Uploader.
Step 8: At this point, you should have the Video
Uploader open, if not please open it.
Step 9: Click Login and enter in your Google Video
Account information.
Step 10: Click Add
Step 11: Using the window that came up, locate the
desired video on your computer and click Open.