Viral Video Cash - No Investment HTML version

Chapter 3: Finding freely available
videos to submit.
The quickest and easy way to use TVS to make money
is to use other people’s videos. What we’re going
to cover in this section are different ways to
locate videos online that you can use. By using, I
mean submitting to either Google Video or YouTube
and then taking the code they give you and
registering the video with TVS.
One of the easiest ways to find new videos is to
use a file sharing program. A file sharing program
is a program that people use to upload files to
hundreds of other people at the same time. An
example that many people may recognize is Kazaa.
File sharing programs are usually easy to use, and
provide an easy way to locate videos; however, they
do have their risks. The most common being, that
you may download a video clip and not get what you
expected. In most cases, when this happens, instead
of a funny video clip of diet coke and menthos, you
may get an x rated video. Please remember that The
Video Sense has a no tolerance policy on adult
Another risk of using file sharing programs is that
they often install what’s called spyware. Spyware
usually doesn’t do any harm to your computer, it
simply reports back what websites you visit and
tracks other activities that you do on your
computer. It then takes that information and sends
it back to its owner. Usually, in the fine print
when you installed this software, you’ve given them
permission to do this. So be aware, and pay
attention to what you are agreeing to when
installing some of these programs.