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About The Authors
IM Buzz Creators
IM Buzz Creators is started by two rising Internet Marketers, Calvin Woon and Jonathan
Teng. The two of them share an immense interest in online marketing and specialize in
churning out software and eBooks which caters to the demands of Internet Marketers.
Calvin Woon
Calvin Woon has been marketing actively online for over a year now
and has tasted sweet success in the niches he’s targeted.
He is highly dedicated to help new marketers begin and profit from
their own online business. And he has been providing new
marketers with his easy to understand and step-by-step strategies
since 2006.
In Aug 2007, Calvin launched Kanggie, a free social networking site designed to provide
all internet marketers (regardless of their knowledge) a platform for them to socialize,
obtain the latest and cutting edge resources regarding IM and also to earn money at the
same time. It has received rave reviews from internet marketers all over the world and
members are pouring in faster than ever.
Jonathan Teng
Jonathan Teng has been marketing full time online for over two
years now and has been enjoying huge success online.
Despite staying in a country (Mauritius) where internet marketing is
rarely heard of, he has defied all odds and carved out a name for
himself in this highly competitive industry.
He currently owns more than 50 websites online in a huge range of niches and each site
generates a decent income for him.
He recently launched his best-selling product Content Infinity which is a Clickbank best
seller and has received sterling reviews from other marketers.