Villainous Aspirations HTML version

Villainous Aspirations
Chapter 1
The screen showed an excise operative being
interviewed in front of wooden crates, then it
switched to an open-mouthed sex doll, a scrolled-
down page of regulations, another sex doll,
Sony's robotic dog, and finally a computer.
With the sound turned off, and viewed
from the awkward perspective of the floor, it was
difficult to tell what the news story was about,
but if Danny had got it right, somebody was
trying to import a batch of sex dolls with an
elementary communication system, with a
Robotic electronic brain, dolls that did aural as
well as oral. And they'd tried to import them as
electronic equipment, when legally they were sex
toys, or maybe the other way round.
"Would you ever want to have sex with a
robot?" asked Danny. "I mean, when Sony or
whoever gives up building miniature dogs and
gets around to making humans with genitals,
would you ever want to sleep with one?"
He felt Sharon's head turn on his arm and
knew her eyes had opened, though he wasn't
looking at them.
"You have an amazing line in pillow-
talk," she said. "You're supposed to say stuff like
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