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Villainous Aspirations
“An individual who breaks a law that
conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly
accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to
arouse the conscience of the community over its
injustice, is in reality expressing the highest
respect for the law”
Computer crime is the ultimate earner for those
ingenious criminal minded characters, who see
past the opportunity to make a fast buck here and
there. Computer crime accounts for almost 55%
of criminal statistics. Imagine if some genius
came up with idea of actually making the
ultimate robot! One that could not only think for
itself, but could also perform the everyday
functions of a normal human being. Now
wouldn’t that make you think? And what if
things went wrong? What if your creation not
only tried to manipulate your life, but that of the
entire world’s population? Progress is a
wonderful thing, but sometimes; even the most
beautiful things in life can turn out to be very
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