Vikki Hankins: One Woman's Fight For Her Civil Rights, One Party's Quest to Keep Them from Her


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Vikki Hankins, an ex-felon and overachiever who was a victim of overzealous mandatory sentencing guidelines and now, is a pawn in the Florida political chess match. Hankins has a degree, a small business and a strong desire to help others. All she needs is her civil rights back. But Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi won’t give them to her, or to the more than one million ex-felons wanting to be integrated back into society.

gina odom

Florida is the worst place in the world to ever get in trouble with the law. They put drug dealers in jail as long as some murderers. Once you go to prison and do your time and pay your debt to society that should be it. It's not fair that when you do get out you are still punished by being labeled a convicted felon with no rights making it very hard to get a job much less any kind of college degree that would require state licensing. Most people that get out of prison if they could even get a job in todays economy would choose working over going back to prison. I can understand why some places don't want to hire violent offenders but to single out all the other felons isn't right. If these places would give felons a chance they could become productive citizens again instead of going back to a life of crime. I know don't break the law you won't have to worry about it. People make mistakes they shouldn't have to pay for them the rest of there lives once they do pay there debt to society.

Alexander Skobeleff

I agree with her conclusions. Everyone makes mistakes, they deserves to pay their dues and when they're done, it's done, finished, the moment they steps out of the jails. Wiped clean, they gets second chances, they automatically becomes a citizen again, their rights regained, not lost by force... and not likely to make the same mistake twice, when they're smart about it, they'll cherish their freedoms and won't commit crimes when there are many options for problem-solving. So so we all deserves second chances, that means we cannot be penalised for making mistakes, no one's perfect. Beyond that, the politicians devious methods are underhand and quite frankly, stupid. I can see the deeper hidden reason, it's all about power, to acts out their prejudices against those who are not of their ilk or whatever. Quite frankly, politicans who creates problems rather than solve problems are no good, boot them out! ASAP! Lord Jesus says we must help those who needs help the most, well, the politicans are not helping at all, they're messing things up and waht for, to reap money in some way, rorting the system like parasites, and not bothering to help making the system run smoothly, that works for ALL not for the elite few. That's as simple as can be. Good ebook.


Mark Christopher

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