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the only part of your appearance you change (besides weight), so I think it's fit to describe it. But about
my hair: It's black and straightish-wavyish. It's not actually pure black, it has some dark brown streaks in
it. And I even found a few strands of dark red hair. No kidding. So in the light, my hair has kind of a
black/burgundy glow. But only when the light hits it a certain way. Kind of like seeing the northern
lights, all the conditions have to be perfect. I used to wear my hair shaggy and in my eyes, but my
parents begged me for a change. Please, they said, it makes you look gloomy and intimidating. Cut your
hair, you'll like it. You'll look brighter and happier. Of course, it might not've occurred to them that I had
the look I wanted, that I was happy when I looked in the mirror and a gloomy-intimidating person
looked back. But, I hate being difficult. So I complied and got a short, spiky cut. I'd give you a picture of
me with shaggy hair, but that means another thousand words. Now, I'm waiting for my hair to grow
back to how it was. Old habits die hard. But I'm not talking to a shrink here, so let's get back on track,
shall we? Now, because my hair is short now, I might as well make the most of it. Here is a picture of the
way I have my hair now. (Bear in mind that I could never do anything like this before.)
Told you my hair was complicated.
The rest of my appearance is easy to describe. I have brown skin that ranges in tone, depe nding on the
light, from caramel colored to cinnamon. I have dark brown eyes that are kind of narrow, and a rounded
nose that bumps out slightly in the middle. There isn't much I can say about my lips. They're just lips. On
the subject of my face, there is something else: Most of the time, my body works as one. My eyes, ears,
hands, lips, nose, and brain all function in harmony. But sometimes, they work individually. This might
not seem that big of a deal, as my eyes and nose should, and do, work differentl y. But if my lips and
brain don't work as a team, it might cause problems. So any mistakes you find in this book are a result of
my hands working independently from my brain. Blame the hands.
They say that a person's eyes are a window into their soul. Can you see into my soul by looking at my
eyes in the picture? I hope not. No offense, but I don't want someone poking around in my soul. That's
my personal space. But in case you (hopefully) can't see into my soul, I, as the author, am obligated to
tell you little bits of what my soul is like. You might not tell from this writing, but I am by nature a very
quiet person. At home, I will start conversations, but in public, I usually don't speak unless spoken to.
Standing quietly is more my speed. I also like to think a lot before speaking. Admittedly, I have a
very...unique imagination. You'll see more as you progress through your journey. For example, I don't
like routine. I find it horribly boring. I prefer unpredictability. I also might come off as aloof if y ou ever
have the opportunity to run into me. Just say, 'Hi! You're the kid who wrote that book, right?' and I'll
probably reply, 'Yeah, that's me. 'And you'd say 'I thought it was really interesting. Could you autograph
a copy for me?'
As for my clothes, I have a rule: No more than three different colors in one outfit. I generally