View of the World From the Z-Coordinate HTML version

Welcome to my story. Wherever you happen to be as you read this, maybe in a car, a plane, in a
hole in the ground, in a submarine, or maybe at home, or in a tree, I hope you enjoy it. It is a 100%
absolutely totally completely true story. I'm not some arti culate adult who's writing a book from the
view of a teenager. I AM that teenager, and this is my story, written by me, about how I live. It's not a
autobiography, or any long, boring story of the struggles and joys of my years. It is about me and my life,
ideas I have, difficulties in my life, and any other thing I feel like putting in it. In other words, welcome to
the Z-Coordinate.
(I'll be right behind you the whole way, in case you get lost or stuck. Now GO!)
(Note: This book is your gateway into the Z-Coordinate, sort of like my personal realm. In this realm,
ideas and thoughts sort of float around, so expect the unexpected and don't expect the orderly and
All about me
This is the first step in this trip. In it, you're going to get information that will help you along the way:
You're going to learn about me. My name, nationality, etc. You know, the interesting stuff. It'll come in
handy along the way, trust me. Let's begin...
I was born in fourteen years ago in March. Before that, everything was normal and boring, then WHAM!
A giant, purple asteroid crashed into the mud outside some little old lady's house. (Good heavens!)
When the dust settled, there I was, emerging from the wreckage of my destroyed spacecraft surrounded
by a purple halo. Or maybe I was born in a hospital with a doctor in a white mask and a whole parade of
nurses, I'm not sure which. That's all you need to know. My exact birthday is secret. I was the second of
four kids in my family, so that makes me a middle child. Whoopee.
Now, I will tell you what I look like, but it will be a very vague description. What's the purpose of writing
a book under a psyundonym and remaining anonymous if you're going to describe yourself down the
last detail. But I will give you some idea so you can come up with your image of me in your head. It's so
much more fun to have to fill in the details of what a book character looks like if you don't know exactly.
My hair's complicated, so it deserves it's own section. I realize that hair might not be a big deal, but it's