Victim Mentality HTML version

Questions to ask yourself -
· Patterns of relationships that is ugly?
· History of hurting or being hurt?
· Blame self or others o ften for things going wrong?
· Frequent feelings of ang er?
· Childhood experiences?
(i) Yelling
(ii) Sexual abuse
(iii) Struggle with feelings, openness, over-ridden
(iv) Rejection, abandonment, other types of loss
(v) Life threat ening emotional experiences
· Felt smothered or unimportant in the family.
(ii) Ownership of Pain and Vulnerability
· T here can be no freedom without responsibility
· What are the feelings? What are the beliefs?
· What are the expectations?
· What events in the past have been some of these issues?
(iii) Ask the Holy Spirit to Uncover the Roots
· Painful experi ences that impact and how they relate?
· Personal reactions – anger, bitterness, judgements?
· Beliefs, expectations and inner vows formed in the heart.
(iv) Yield to the Holy Spirit's direction on how to resolve them?
· Personal ministry and counsel?
· Repentance
· Forgiveness
· Renouncing judgements and inner vows
(v) Work on Renewing the Beliefs
· What is the old belief?
· What is the truth?
· Meditate – embrace – con fess the truth – ask the Holy Spirit to reveal love.
(vi) Practise Giving and Receiving Love
· Refus e old patterns of isolating
· Connect and practise giving and receiving love
· Romans 8:14-15