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me down? And all they're trying to do is help you see something you can't see. If that's you, you've got troubles. Why
don't you say: God, You're speaking to me today? That's right, God bless, God bless.
Father, I just thank You for each person's responded today, there would come a revelation, a river of Your love to
bring healing, restoration. Father, we want to live in the love of God. Whatever our circumstance, whatever's
happening, we open our heart for an increasing awareness of Your love. I can feel His presence just coming upon us
right now. I could feel it from the beginning of the service. Just lift your hands, open your heart, just do something, say
Father, I receive Your love. I receive Your love. Whatever blocks me from receiving more, show me, show me. I want
to journey into intimacy with You, knowing You, experiencing You, becoming secure so I can actually represent You
well. I don't want to be dysfunctional in my relationships, blaming, accusing, reacting. I want to be whole. Lord, I
receive Your love. I can feel His presence and love here rig ht now.
Musicians are just going to sing that song they're doing now. What I'd like you to do is reach out to someone next to
you, and let the love that God has given you flow out of your heart into their life. Don't be stiff or awkward, just: can I
pray for you? Ask their permission first. If they say no, respect that. It makes it safe for them. If someone doesn't want
you to pray that's okay, you don't have to. You need to respect them, but just ask the person: can I pray for you? I'd
really love to pray for you and bless you. I want you to know God loves you.
1. Introduction
Romans 8:34-39
“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”
Paul lists a number of different situations but also a decisive outcome.
“More than conquerors” = to gain a decisive victory; vanquish totally; gain surpassing victory in every situation.
We are no longer victims to circumstances or tragedies – we are more than conqu erors.
God's love expressed in our heart – the Love of the Father – frees us from victim-hood.
2. Victim Mentality is a Way of Seeing and Relating
Victim is a person who is abused, hurt, or oppressed by another and is unable to break free.
Victim Mentality is a person who refuses to take responsibility for their life and blames others for what th ey are experi encing in life.
A way of thinking and interpreting life that comes from unresolved o ffences, grief, bitterness and heart beliefs.
Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinks in his heart so he is”.
· Example of Israel – Slaves in Egypt (victims under a harsh taskmaster)
Exodus 15:22-25 “The people complained against Moses”
T heir temporary hardship and difficulty caus ed their bitterness to show.
T hey looked for someone to blame.
T he remedy – God revealed His Father's Love that healed their situation.
· Example of the Older Brother – Slaves in the Father's house (slaves to the law)
· Luke 15:25-31 “He was angry and would not go in”
· T he elder son served – worked hard but had no revelation of the Father's Love.
· He substituted works for relationship and believed he was right.
· Personal example:
Emotionally/relationally isolated – (past unresolved).
Worked hard to gain approval (heart belief).
Developed “Victim Mentality” in many areas of life.
Journey of revelation of Father's love and healing.
Key issues:
– breaking patterns o f isolating in pain and resolving heart pain.
· Elder Brother
Isolated Blamed Justified sel f Bitterness
Closed spirit Judged Wrong beliefs Anger
3. Victim Mentality sabotages Relationships
“Victims” interpret life/relationships through their heart's bitterness
(i) I am a victim = not my fault, hurt, I am right, withdraws
(ii) You are my persecutor = it is your fault, you are against me, attack
(iii) I need a rescuer = someone must come through for me, meet my needs
· “Victims” are unable to develop emotional intimacy because they believe they are “unlovable”.
· It is easier to play the role of the victim than to assume responsibility.
· Note: A person with a victim mentality will play all 3 roles.
4. Steps out of the Victim Mentality
(i) Become Aware o f your T hinking/Behaviour