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out. He would rather be right in his own mind, than enter rel ationship and celebration. He would rather stay in a place
of anger and resentment, than to move out of that into party time in the father's house!
That's what God has in mind - party time in the Father's house, where people are filled with His love, fille d with the
extra vagant love of the Father - but you've got to open your life for that. So yield to the Holy Ghost. He'll tell you what
to do, and then it may be that you've got to spend a bit of time renewing how you think, and how you act. We'll teach
some things on that next year, how you think in relationships, how you interpret life, when you feel something, what
am I feeling? Where's it come from? What do I believe? What does God's word say? It takes time to reprogram your
thinking, but you can do it with the word of God. The truth is you're loved, truth is you're accepted, truth is nothing can
separate you from the love of God. Now let me just show you something, and I'll finish with this.
When you go through adversity, affliction, difficulty or pain, the first thing you feel is unloved, and what comes out of
your heart is what's in there. If you believe you're unlovable, then you'll struggle with the pain and isolate, but God
loves us, and when we're in pain and difficulty, He wants us to come near to Him, and near to one another, not run
away. If we can start to change those patterns, God's going to bring such a river to here, right now there's a river
flowing through the church, to heal hearts, to heal broken relationships, particularly men. I want to tell you now there
is a river flowing. It's been flowing for some months now, and it's been touching man after man after man, to heal
broken hearts, restore lives, and start men connecting in a different way. That's why we're having this breakfast
coming up. It's to start talking about that journey that men need to make, to move out of isolation and into being
connected and whole.
In this last few months God has moved in the church. You just ask Lyn, man after man has come and broken down in
a presence, weeping as God has put the finger on the issues that block relationship. I've been facing and
experiencing these things happening. I've had people come to me, same thing; men weeping as God touches their
heart. This is a time in the house of God, when God is doing something fresh to connect us. The biggest reason
people are disconnected is this: we've got blocks in the heart from being able to love, and we need a revelation of
God's love, and a removal of the blocks. God doesn't want you to think like a victim! He says no matter what
happens, so someone messed you around and betrayed you? Oh, we're more than conquerors through Christ Jesus
who loved us - and notice it's not self-help stuff. We're conquerors through Him, through a person, through a person
who loves us, a loving person see?
And so someone rips you off, someone hurts you, someone betrays you, yeah, we're more than conquerors through
this Jesus Christ, we have access to this person who loves us, who reveals the Father's love. We have access to
Him, oh, we're going to be turning to Him, we're going to open up to His love. The riches of His love will grow in our
life, and we'll become overcomers in a greater way! You don't have to stay in a place of defeat all the time. Why
should you? You're not called to that. God has brought you out of the bondage of slavery to fear, and into knowing
Him as a Father, into His wonderful and glorious life. Who would turn away from that? Who would prefer to stay like
the older brother in the house, bitter, resentful, angry, twisted, unloving, cold, unable to connect with the JOY of what
God is doing in other's lives? Ooh, don't stay there. Those were the religious people, the Pharisees of the day.
Jesus said: this is a day of great rejoicing, when there are two groups o f people, those who don't know Him are
coming to know the Father's love, be restored, and it's time to celebrate, and there are those who are in the house,
who don't know the Father's love, coming to be restored, and together celebrating the goodness and love of God.
What a great God we serve, Amen. [Amen] Why don't we give Him a clap right now? [Applause]
Father, we thank You for Your amazing love, where with You have loved us, and given Your Son, and hold nothing
back from us. Father, we open our hearts here - just close your eyes for one, two more minutes. I wonder is there any
person here who's not yet received Jesus Christ, and positioned yourself, opened your heart to have your sins
forgiven, and receive a flow of the love of God from heaven. Well this is your day to do it. This is a great day to do it.
Jesus said: to everyone who received Him, He gave power to become a child of God. Is that you today? Why don't
you put your hand up and say Pastor, I'm going to give my life to Jesus today? Perhaps you m ay have fallen away
from the Lord, you say I need to come back to Him today, I've got lots of other things in my heart. That fire is no
longer burning.
Perhaps today God has spoken to some of you about isolation and distance. You may not have understood al l I said,
but when I talked about being isolated, and working hard but never feeling you're good enough or making it,
something registered with you; just raise your hand, say that's me. God bless, many hands. When I began to talk
about thinking like a victim, and it's not my fault, always someone else's fault, and when someone tries to help you
and adjust you, you just react to them and say: you're attacking me. Why are you attacking me, why are you putting