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Victim Mentality
Pastor Mike Connell
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Victim Mentality (2 sermons)
A victim mentality is a mentality where the person will not take responsibility. They choose rather to make excuses for
why life is like it is and to find someone or something to b lame. When you blame someone you put responsibility on
them, you remove it from yourself and leave yourself powerless and resentful at how life sucks. This is a way of
thinking, it's an internal choice in your heart.
Victim Mentality (1 of 2) Every one of us has a yearning for intimacy, e very one of us has a yearning for something
close in the area of relationships. Victim mentality is a way of viewing yourself, and a way of viewing life, that causes
you continually to fail in relationships and life.
You can be a Christian with victim mentality, and no matter how much preaching you get, you never break out or
change your patterns. I'm very concerned about the patterns of lifestyle, the patterns of believing and thinking, that
we change them, so we can unlock the potential and fulfil the destiny that God has for us.
Victim Mentality (2 of 2) Paul had some difficulties: beatings, stonings, shipwrecks. If God was on His side, you'd
think that He could have at least told him to catch the right boat, but three times the boat he was on sank. He's there
in the water, holding on to pieces of wood. Not nice - but he never, thought like a victim.
In prison, chained to a Roman soldier, he never, thought like a victim, or as one imprisoned. He said: In all these
things we are more than conquerors! Whatever you're facing in your life, believe me, you have got it in you, you are
more than a conqueror. Of course if you don't believe that, if you think you're a victim, you're in trouble.