Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising HTML version

The Lord also blessed me over the years to pioneer alongside other vanguard leaders. We
went ?first over the wall? to set His people into motion on several fronts. On one such vanguard
move, we partnered with Buff Bay Baptist Church in Jamaica to establish the GLOBE Center
and mobilize people of African descent for world missions. This partnership still makes
fulfilling Christ‘s Commission a vital part of our church-planting discipleship here in the States.
Implement the Bible principles for establishing financial partnerships and begin your
vanguard leadership while you are young. Strate gically choose a standard of living that will
propel your vanguard career and prepare you financially for vanguard missions leadership.
Champion these mobilizing financial principles as an important part of your mobilization
In the next section‘s six chapters, I break my silence about the history of this inferior
discipleship to address why African Americans do not extensively participate in missions.
Knowing this background will equip you to take on the serious responsibility of strategically
mustering the divided masses as one unified missions force. Then, you will set us all finally free
from spiritual bondage that fights against our souls and attempts to undermine the Holy Spirit‘s
powerful witness through us.