Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising HTML version

Part I: Challenging the Vanguard
Chapter 1
Know the Mission Well
A Vanguard Understands the Uprising’s Purpose
D is cove r Yo ur R e volutio na ry Pote nt ial
African-American student, get ready to shock the world. I write to challenge you as a mentor
who respectfully believes in you and sees your tremendous potential to change the world for
Christ. Prayerfully open your heart as I dare to speak for Him.
To help you discover your global potential, my three purposes for this chapter center on
understanding and obeying Jesus Christ‘s mission assignment called ?The Great Commission.?
First, I define Jesus‘ mission in light of God‘s eternal purpose. This might sound complicated,
but I will break it down so you will appreciate its vital importance. Second, I introduce your
potential as His vanguard who recruits, equips, and leads students to fulfill Christ‘s mission
worldwide. You will hear me use the word ?mobilizing? a lot. I explain the vanguard‘s role in
rallying other Christians to complete Christ‘s Great Commission. Third, I explain how only
legitimate discipleship fulfills this mission. Jesus calls you to real discipleship and I begin by
explaining what this really means. If you understand and heed this call, He can empower you to
rise up and lead a spiritual revolution on the international level.
Unlike any other generation, yours enjoys the freedom to extensively mobilize and take its
rightful place of leadership in His great cause. Your background and experiences only increase
your potential to lead. I believe that God prepared you for such a time as this. He gave you
amazing potential to pioneer for Christ worldwide. I am not the first one to see your great
vanguard, your revolutionary potential to fulfill His mission and impact the world.
Che ck This Out
Before I was born, God gave my father a clear vision of your great value and spiritual
destiny. Despite my role in ministry with African Americans since 1979, my father never shared
this vision with me. After his death, my mother gave me an article from a South Carolina
newspaper. It described his attempt to start a Bible institute in the mid-1950s for African-
American students. Also, my mo ther provided his personal diary that corroborates the
newspaper‘s account. Though my father's Bible school closed for financial reasons, his initial
purpose for starting the school astonished me.
Before the first Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision overturned legally
sanctioned segregation, my dad embraced what most black and white Christians still do not
comprehend today. He saw the justice and wisdom of equipping African Americans and putting
them into motion for world missions. Dad went on to pastor a church. Later, he watched me
found Urban Discovery Ministries (UDM), but gave me no input from his experience in South
Carolina. Ironically, his visionary purpose for African-American college students now fuels my
life and syncs perfectly with the mission of UDM. Those who prayed for God to accomplish