Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising HTML version

spiritual crisis of disqualification now that God has brought you out of your type of Egypt? Set
yourself free to muster for Christ.
Use opportunities He now provides you to fulfill God‘s global purpose. For instance,
dedicate your educational progress to C hrist and His mission. You are a steward of the college
opportunities that He provides you. God entrusted you with academic privilege to spread the
knowledge of His great glory throughout the world. Will you use your classroom achievements
for His glory or for selfish and temporary ambitions? At the end of your life, what will you look
back on? Be prepared to give an account to Christ for the education that He gave you. Your
diploma can open doors for your international witness for Christ so that your education makes a
global, eternal difference. Even your ability to read and write English is a God- given privilege
that may be used for His glory. For instance, ministries and governments worldwide seek young
adults to teach English as a second language.
The glory of fulfilling Christ‘s mission is the same as Israel‘s glory from obediently
conquering the promised land. The African-American absence from world evangelism means
that you remain, as a race of people, in the wilderness while the Lord expects you to
courageously take what He promised Abraham. This is your day of decision.
Declare yourself free and run in such a way that you win the prize. Let the Lord of the
harvest open your heart to His Great Commission. Become the vanguard change agent who
mobilizes many to obey His compelling love. Champion the Bible‘s authority and proclaim
freedom from survival mentalities and past hurts.
Next, I challenge you to seek God‘s calling and assignment through discipleship so you may
deploy other students with this process. I share God‘s work in my heart during a college
summer-break that inspires me still. Amazingly, as I sat on a wooden board at a camp for
African-American children in rural North Carolina, He called me to challenge you to seek His