Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising HTML version

establish inner-city churches that fulfill Christ‘s Great Commission. Our vision is to see
effective, sustaining, reproducing churches in inner cities across the nation.9
GLO BE stands for George Liele Objective for Black Enterprise. Born a slave in Virginia,
George Liele started two churches in Georgia after receiving his freedom. When colonists tried
to re-enslave him during the Revolutionary War, he became an indentured servant with the
British and escaped to Jamaica.10 Upon earning his freedom, Liele started the Island‘s first
Baptist church. Many historians regard Liele as the first American-born missionary. Buff Bay
Baptist Church descended from His work in Jamaica.
As a ministry of Buff Bay Baptist Church, GLOBE equips American and Jamaican short-
term missions teams to pursue Liele‘s missionary objective of fulfilling Christ‘s Great
Commission. The GLO BE Center is but the starting point to mobilize people of African descent
to go anywhere the Lord leads them in the world.
On behalf of Urban Discovery Ministries and Buff Bay Baptist Church partnership, I invite
you to join a short-term missions team to study missions at the GLO BE Center in Jamaica. We
want you to discover your wonderful potential to fulfill Christ‘s Commission overseas and on a
long-term basis. Come to Jamaica and discuss this book‘s call for your vanguard leadership in
more detail.
Often with just their presence, African Americans connec t with unchurched Jamaicans right
away. I have brought diverse teams of college students with me for the last couple of years. I
teach missions and personal evangelism to the African-American, white-American, and
Jamaican-Christian team members. They go out into the towns and villages to establish
relationships with unchurched Jamaicans and share the Gospel on their own. I am a witness to
how well African-American students connect with the unchurched there. You may create
witnessing opportunities for white and Jamaican students to join you in reaching future
community leaders whom most traditional missions teams ignore. To quote Marley, ?Won‘t you
help to sing dese songs of freedom??
As a vanguard, begin deploying Christian students as Christ‘s freedom forces. The next
chapter challenges you to celebrate in Christ your freedom, calling, and identity to pioneer new
structures based upon real, missions- focused discipleship. Maximize the freedom to respond to
Christ‘s love that compels His special college forces to deploy across racial and cultural lines.