Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising HTML version

riding in a Jim Crow rail car. Balance divided perspectives of this history and diagnose hidden
systemic problems and spiritual strongholds that still demobilize. Guard against the class-
prejudice of the professionals who conducted the destructive Tuskegee study. Extend mercy
without using the poor to gain money, impress influential people, or earn respectability.
Skillfully unify blacks and whites into one missionary force. Understand white missionaries‘
evangelism motives, like those who sacrificed their lives in Ecuador, and help them stretch their
thinking to include social action.
With many believers in your generation, choose to take Pastor James Drew‘s narrower road
of sound doctrine that is founded upon God‘s trustworthy Word. Balance your community
development with a strong defense of the true Gospel‘s salvation by grace through faith in Jesus
Christ. Guard against and defeat the destructive, demobilizing attack on the Bible that white
liberal theology passed on to many African Americans during segregation.
Therefore, add expectation, investigation, and edification to your new paradigm of change.
Recognizing how often white Christians fail to see structures, get a clear picture of demobilizing
structures that you must navigate and revolutionize to mobilize the masses. Discern how these
structures impact our witness, like when an elderly woman in North Carolina expressed her
frustration with a church structure that she felt judged her for chewing tobacco but overloo ked
worse injustices in the past. Think through how you organize your mobilization to avoid
enabling white Christian status quo segregated missions to go unchallenged. Establish a culture
of mutual edification among believers of different race and backgrounds. Lead God‘s masses as
one people to finish the great global task that Christ sent and authorized us to complete. Step up
to the front lines and mobilize us all with vanguard innovation. Then we will obey Christ
together - free at last to fulfill such a Great Commission. Thank God, we will be free at last!