Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising HTML version

world impact by locking hearts with believers of every ethnic group as possible. Embrace their
cultures as you serve to mobilize them. Doing that, I am confident that you w ill never go back to
separate-but-equal discriminating attempts to glorify God. Since He gives you the nations as
your missions destiny, why imitate white ethnocentrism by embracing only the black culture and
limit your global leadership expectations?
Lock together Christ‘s diverse work force for His glory. I recently asked my daughter to tell
me the strangest thing that she learned as a freshman physics major in college. She explained
how a double pendulum cannot be mobilized. First, she told how the swinging motion of one
pendulum could be mathematically explained and predicted. Then she showed me on YouTube
that attaching a second pendulum creates an inexplicable, random, and unproductive motion that
looks like cool chaos to me. One way to make the double pendulum work orderly is to
demobilize one of them. Another way is to lock them together to form only one pendulum.
Does not the same dynamic occur in the Body of Christ? Jesus musters us in battle array
like one spiritual pendulum to fulfill His Commission. By locking together diverse ethnic
groups, which ordinarily would create confusion, we collectively spread His glory. However,
any part seeking to dominate or defy the whole sends us all into demobilizing, unproductive
Make mobilization your vanguard priority and avoid token structures that might undermine
fulfilling Christ‘s Commission. Whites may promote a few African Americans to token
leadership positions, a step that maintains the status quo racially divided structures. Harr found
also that whites often treated African Americans like charity cases in missions. This structure
and attitude threatens the vanguard leader‘s ability to mobilize the masses. Likewise, some
African Americans protect the power they wield as token leaders in white systems. They use this
power to assist whites in preserving demobilizing segregated structures.
Optimize whites‘ individualism to introduce them to new missions structures. Usually,
Christian whites attempt racial reconciliation on an individua l basis. For instance, they confess
individual prejudice, try to get to know specific African Americans, and want to show love
through personal relationships. Unfortunately, this individualized approach to reconciliation
may allow their status quo segregated missions structures to remain unchallenged and
unchanged. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to use white Christians‘ individualism to send them into
His harvest as your co- laborers in a new missions paradigm. When you welcome them into your
new unified movement, I believe you will find some willing to make great personal sacrifices.
Perhaps these white students will confront status quo structures bravely like the ones who joined
black student leaders as Freedom Riders.
Now take your turn to sacrificially pull students of different races and socio-economic
backgrounds into your movement. Lead them from the front and bring freedom and justice to
fulfill God‘s eternal purpose. Make known His great glory, fame and majesty as vanguards of
Christ‘s missionary uprising.