Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising HTML version

boycott! Imagine someone like Billy Graham holding a prayer crusade for K ing outside of the
Birmingham jail. What if K ing rallied black college students for mission service in Ecuador to
overcome with love the killing of white missionaries? What if black students arose like the
Freedom Riders to join with white students and win spiritual freedom for the Waodani Indians?
Of course, we cannot turn back the clock to make this happen. Yet, you can lead this unified
force today.
Understand white missionaries‘ evangelism motives, challenge them to speak up for justice,
and muster them for social causes, as well. Learn to pioneer from their examples of personal
sacrifices so all may build each other up in Christ and accomplish His mission. As you step up
to lead, weigh carefully the next chapter‘s challenge to bring change by adding three important
dynamics to your campus ministries. These dynamics determine whether you build your new
missions structures upon the true Cornerstone, Jesus Christ, and God‘s powerful Word. Chapter
15 will explain how to rise above existing black/white structural hurdles and lead Christ‘s
freedom forces in a global missionary uprising.