Valotin - Book Two of the Early Years HTML version

Sometimes it’s not the way you mix something; it’s the ingredients you put together.
Take one over-zealous archeologist, (hell-bent on making a name for himself); add a
ten-man team of untrained professionals, (committing all the sins of the unprofessional).
Toss them together and place them in an unexplored cavern littered with fossilized ‘boulders’.
When Professor Wilson entered the unexplored second cavern under a military base in Nevada, he
took with him several of his students; all untrained and untested in the field. The cave was littered
with many large oval-shaped ‘boulders’. Dr Wilson wrongly guessed that they were just stone,
probably being prepared for a sculpture rendering later. He couldn’t have been more wrong; and his
error would cost him his life.
These ‘boulders’ were actually dormant, hibernating dragon eggs. All it took was a touch, a skin on
‘stone’ contact, to awaken the sleeping occupant. The warmth from the skin, like an electric shock,
passes thru to the egg instantly and results in awakening!
Dragons emerging from their eggs without a rider to link with telepathically descend into madness.
They need the telepathic link to stabilize their violent natures.
A dragon without a rider is a very dangerous thing; mad and clever at the same time. They will seek
out their ‘brothers’; and destroy anything in their path.
Days spent in the adjoining cave studying the many fossilized bones strewn about the chamber held the
attention of the professor and his charges. There was plenty to keep the ‘diggers’ occupied; they were
rebuilding an entire flying creature, perhaps a new creature. Mesmerized by the skeleton of a fully-
grown ‘pterodactyl’, the professor kept his charges busy. So busy in fact, that they were oblivious to
the goings on in the outer chamber. This was a perfect time for the so-called ‘fossilized egg', (already
mature), to hatch. Enraged at not finding its rider, it began to feed on the meal it saw before it in the
adjoining cavern… then it woke its brothers.
Four fifths of the world population was wiped out within a year.
Four years later the survivors were beginning to fight back.
They say hope keeps a person going when all else is gone. One survivor kept it alive in her heart when
all was dark in the world. It was insane, crazy to even think of it but Kate held on to the thought that
there was some kind of master plan in all this insanity. Every obstacle she faced, every loss she
endured; foremost in her mind was the belief that she and her small group were being prepared for
Shaped and molded for a year by very special dreams, Kate and her small group was readied to accept
the possibility of a different kind of world, a new world. Guided by some unseen and unknowable
force, Kate found Jake - and then everything changed.
Jake, the First of the Ancients to return - the Healer. He would heal the old wounds and return order
to the land. He brought Kate and Daniel together; and with their pairing, his Queen made her
He and his Queen produced 20 children (one of which would become the Second of the Ancients). He
had cultivated riders across the country for four years; now he gathered them up and introduced them
to his children. With their bonding and then eventual hatching he had his army. He trained them
both in the art of dragon fighting. He rid our land of the monsters that destroyed it; and then set
about healing the people.
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