Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

One of Emily’s guards stepped into the office, panicked, “I can’t find
Lady Emily.”
Chevalier sighed, “She’s in her room.”
“I looked and she’s not there,” he said, his eyes were terrified.
Kyle rolled his eyes at Chevalier. Emily had been going through
personal guards quickly. Her ability to elude them and escape by herself
was becoming a weekly problem. Neither Chevalier nor Kyle could
seem to get any control over it.
“Tell me what happened,” Kyle asked the young guard.
“She came and told me she was going for a run. I told her that I’d go
change as soon as I could get a replacement, and then we’d go. She said
„alone’ and I told her she couldn’t go alone,” he said quickly.
“Kyle, go find her,” Chevalier sighed, and Kyle nodded and ran off.
“How did she get away this time?” Chevalier asked the guard, trying to
calm him down.
“I don’t know! She got mad when I told her she couldn’t go out alone,
and then she said she’d changed her mind. So a few minutes later I heard
her call my name, and when I got inside, she was gone,” the guard said,
and then looked down at his hands.
“Damnit, how is she getting out?” Chevalier grumbled. “Did you talk to
the balcony guard?”
“Yes and he hasn’t seen her. I will go report myself to my Commander,”
he replied, standing up.