Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Because nothing you could have said would have helped. I didn’t think
the Council could survive a standoff with you.” She glared at Chevalier
when she noticed he was amused.
Kyle turned and looked away, concealing a grin.
“They killed that poor heku because of me,” she grumbled.
“And as I’ve said before… that’s not the point. He disobeyed an order,”
Chevalier said, trying to control his voice. He found her temper amusing
at times.
Emily spun suddenly under Chevalier’s arm and began to storm back to
the banquet room, “They need to hear me out.”
Chevalier grabbed her arm to stop her, and then he jerked his hand away
when she screamed out in pain.
Kyle was suddenly standing in her way, “It’s best if we just leave.”
Emily turned and headed back to the helicopter as she rubbed her
shoulder. Chevalier and Kyle followed her with stifled laughs.
“Irish blood,” Chevalier said to Kyle, too low for Emily to hear.
Emily curled up on the seat in the helicopter and shut her eyes, facing
away from the other two.
“I’m still shocked. I knew they were going to release you,” Kyle
whispered to Chevalier.
“I was sure too. I was ready to plead my case against the mandatory
banishment after being released from the Council.”