Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

you, and now the Elders know of your abilities… it’s too dangerous to
have you there.” He was getting frustrated that she couldn’t see the
Emily grinned up at him, “Fine… as soon as you and Kyle leave, I’ll just
go back to the mainland for a bit.”
Chevalier growled, “Emily.”
She smiled up at him sweetly.
“Damnit, Em, you need to stay here until I get back.” His hands were
balled into fists.
“No,” she said. She knew she was winning.
Chevalier growled, “Fine.”
Emily kissed him lightly and smiled.
The helicopter taking off sent Emily’s stomach into a spin. She turned
away quickly before Kyle or Chevalier could see her face and she
watched the ocean fly by. It seemed like an eternity to Emily before the
helicopter started to descend into a good-sized city in the middle of a
dense forest.
The helicopter was greeted by four large heku dressed in deep green
robes with their faces hidden. Emily hugged Chevalier’s arm tightly as
they were led into the largest of the buildings. He smiled reassuringly at