Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

was. Chevalier watched carefully and his eyes flared as Emily was
repeatedly tied to the bed and examined by the strange heku.
Kyle hissed as she was left restrained for hours, and both heku watched
the agony on her face. Chevalier paused the video when a clear shot of
Tim appeared. He memorized his face, automatically committing every
part of him to memory.
They grinned as Emily fought the enemy heku and was able to single-
handedly floor four of them, but the punishment that followed was
torturous to watch. Chevalier leaned forward and growled when Emily
ran into Tim’s arms and began to kiss him. Kyle looked away. When
she slipped off her over-shirt, Chevalier looked over at her on the bed
and glanced quickly at the ring on her finger.
He looked back to the video as the two of them went into the bedroom
and from the angle of the tape, he could see Tim undressing. He gasped
loudly, and Kyle turned around just in time to see Emily tie Tim to the
bed and leave, shutting the door behind her. They both grinned at the
pleased expression on her face. They timed it, and she left him tied to
the bed for almost 14 hours before the heku came and took her away.
As the video ended, Kyle deleted the file and bent the laptop, breaking it
in half.
He tossed the laptop off the balcony and came back, smiling, “She put up
quite a fight.”
Chevalier smiled at her as she slept, “That she did.”
“But at what price?