Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

Sneak Peak : Encala (Book 3 of the Heku Series)
“Damnit,” Allen said, smiling.
“Want to go out today?” Emily asked and took his hand.
She grinned at the name of Allen’s horse. It had fit when he was an
unbroken colt, but now as a gentle stallion, he was the perfect horse for a
small boy.
She led him out to the hallway and frowned, there were no guards at her
door. She knew the cavalry was out on a mission and off of her
bodyguard duty for two more days, but she’d had random guards posted
outside of her door since the cavalry were made lieutenants.
Emily walked Allen through the palace, feeling a sense of freedom. She
didn’t pass any heku on her way out and then she remembered the
council was meeting today. They were swearing in a new Chief
Enforcer, someone named Damon. All she knew about him was that he
was another one of the Old Ones and Chevalier had known him for a
long time.