Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

Emily stood by the bedroom door and listened closely. All she could
hear were sobs coming from Tim. He sounded like he was in pain and
she smiled and returned to her book. She was curled up there, reading,
when the heavy metal door opened. The seven heku came in with
customary masks and menthol smell. They scanned the room for Tim
and then advanced on Emily, pinning her to the couch while they
searched for Tim.
“He’s in here!” one of the heku yelled, heading into the bedroom. The
sound of sobbing came from inside.
Emily sat quietly while the three heku guarded her and wondered what
was going on inside the bedroom. They hauled Tim out, his head lolling
to the side and a heku under each arm. They walked him gently up the
stairs as Emily watched.
The tallest heku came out and addressed Emily, who was still sitting on
the couch surrounded by heku guards.
“That is enough disobedience!” He stopped talking when Emily held up
a hand.
“It wasn’t disobedience. I don’t believe there was ever an order that I
wasn’t to tie him up.” She raised her eyebrows at him.
He struck her hard and fast across her face.
“I’ve had worse,” Emily said, turning to face him again.
“You will learn true respect and obedience, Child. No more of this
insolence! The punishments will begin to get worse and worse until you
comply with our desires,” he said, watching her.