Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

Emily shook her head, then stepped into her room and shut the door.
Allen immediately ran into her arms and she picked him up, despite the
ache in her arm. Sam nodded and left. He had been staying in the
stables to watch over the horses at night.
She kissed Allen’s peanut butter covered face, “Did you have a good
Allen smiled up at her and nodded. Emily took him into the bathroom to
wash his face off. When she got into the better light, she saw it was
more than his face that was covered, so she ran a bath for him and sat on
the edge of the tub to watch him play.
She heard someone out in the bedroom, “Sam?”
No one answered.
“Chev?” she called out.
When still no one answered, Emily picked Allen up out of the water and
wrapped him in a towel, then carried him into the next room.
Emily looked around the large bedroom and didn’t see anyone. She sat
Allen down on the floor when she got the feeling that she was being
watched. Allen quickly ditched his towel and began to play with a toy
truck on the floor.